The Canada Goal - Keynote Speaker - Teacher Andre - Background

You can call me Teacher Andre... : )
Often described as an individual with a passion for the health and well being of humanity.

The 2018/2019 school year marks the 12th anniversary for The Canada Goal. Special thanks to those who have supported this initiative and it's growth over the years.

How did The Canada Goal come to be?

Spring 2006: I was an Employment Consultant for an organization trusted with the task of helping individuals on Social Assistance create/reach their work (career) goals. After a few years of assisting many adult individuals I realized - if one reaches their adult stage of life not having developed healthy (productive) habits & routines, it can become increasingly less likely the individual will be motivated to develop these important aspects of life as time goes on. This realization lead to a conclusion that my time and skill set would be best spent working with younger individuals that are still in their prime-time 'development' stage of life.
After some focused planning and preparation I began contacting schools across Canada with the first draft 'special event presentation'. The original idea was to concentrate on high school (Sr) students as I thought the key concepts within the sessions were most relevant at their stage of learning and life preparation/development. As I began presenting to (Sr) students the feedback from teachers, administrators and parents encouraged me to expand my focus to include middle school (Jr) students. Main reason being - studies show this is the 'prime time' stage to nurture the development of (healthy) habits and routines. As I began presenting to Jr & Sr students there would occasionally be a (K-12) dynamic and it was often decided to not leave anyone out. After running into this dilemma from time to time, it became clear that I needed to focus deeply thinking about how to be most effective at the primary (K-4) stage of learning. After 10 years of diligent focus/efforts - I'm confident this experience is effective at the 'primary' 'junior' and 'senior' stages of learning/development.

"The individual and professional growth over the years has been very rewarding. As I continue to reflect on what is important to me, others closest to me and the world around me... It appears that some of the 'root' most imporatant aspects of life are:
1. Life Learning
2. Self Awareness/Discipline
3. Positive Attitude/Mindset
4. Healthy Habits & Routines

With these key aspects in mind, The Canada Goal has become a truly modern and unique learning experience for schools across Canada." "To BE or not to BE...?" (Shakespeare)

What sets The Canada Goal apart from other school presentations?
I enjoy interacting with people as more of a friendly neighbour/teacher with a comfortable and caring energy/attitude that participants can connect with or relate to... I'm an 'average' individual with common challenges similar to many Canadians. Having lived independently from the young age of 15 years old, I've had my share of life learning experiences to speak of. Sharing a short story from time to time will help to connect with participants. However, the presentation is not really about me... This initiative is designed to FOCUS on the essential KNOWLEDGE at hand. Coincidently, I'm told one of my best talents is the ability to clearly and articulately explain something to help make it easier for learners to comprehend. Furthermore, a vast involvement with technical production and theatrical events over the past 20 years helps me to create a enhanced learning environment. This enhancement will help to stimulate the minds of participants and improve their ability to pay attention (focus), learn and remember key concepts within the presentations.
With respect, Andre Genthon Sovereign - Keynote Speaker & Entertainer