The Canada Goal - Art Of Focus - Junior High (Middle) Schools

The Canada Goal junior high (middle) schools (Art Of Focus) Keynote presentation is likely to be highly effective within this age group. This stage of learning and development has commonly been referred to as the 'prime time' point in a young learner's individual growth/development. The stage where the individual has learned the basics in the primary years and they're not yet introduced to the more complex stage of growth - being (Sr) schools & young adult maturity. The main approach is to maximize on this 'prime time' stage of learning by introducing (reinforcing) the key concepts within the presentation that encourage the healthy and productive growth of the individual.

There are (3) main purposes:
1. To assist young learners to build, maintain and fuel the desire for daily/lifelong successes. Using neuroscience as a reference to emphasize the importance of daily learning, participants will review the difference between thinking and thinking deeply - (The art of FOCUS). Understanding how to stimulate your mind (neurons) will help students create memories (learning) that lasts. Realizing, To Learn - is - To Live, will assist students to have a premeditated inner desire to want to learn. Teaching learners how to learn is a critical pillar to equip them with 'the tools' to make the most of their day(s). However, it appears that 'the desire' is equally important - if not more of a significant factor at the root of one's ability to learn. Therefore, another main approach within The Canada Goal is to draw closer attention to self-awareness/worth, character development, behaviour and self-discipline. When an individual can see themselves and their efforts as valuable/capable, they're more likely to form/maintain a productive mindset with the desire to succeed throughout the journey of life.

2. To assist young learners to internalize and translate important words/concepts like 'focus, mindset, behaviour, vibrations, success, growth, self-discipline, respect, honesty, responsibility, commitment & integrity' into meaningful aspects of everyday life. The human mind/body will learn best when t
he individual is able to see themselves as valuable with the ability to look into their future with a positive attitude/perspective.

3. To add value toward learning/teaching in a respectful, comfortable and safe learning/working environment. Theoretically, an individual can be most productive if growing (learning) in a surrounding environment that 'feels' safe/comfortable along with a distinct culture of focus/growth and positive - high vibrations. If the human body/mind feels threatened it is a natural inner reaction for it to prioritize energy toward protecting itself. This is valuable energy that can be utilized training the mind to think (focus) deeply - creating learning (solutions) that last. This learning experience will assist learners to reflect on their behaviour and evaluate how they can positively influence themselves as well as their leaning environment.

Uniquely focused events such as The Canada Goal will create a enriched learning environment that will help stimulate the minds of participants for greater long term learning/growth potential.
Learning through listening to an energetic keynote speaker
Learning through watching/visuals - simple slides & short videos
Learning through action/doing role plays & mind/body stimulation activities

The Canada Goal - Junior/Middle Schools - G 5-8 or 9 - Art Of Focus Session Outline;
(C) Key Concept (F) Key Focus;
(75 minutes)
(C) The Art Of Focus & How FOCUS helps YOU (F) STOP - THINK - FOCUS
(C) How YOU Learn & Functions of the Mind (F) Mind, Body, Self and FOCUS AWARENESS
(C) Who are YOU? The Science of Vibrations (F) Individual, Thoughts, Actions, words, vibrations, strength
(C) SUCCESS starts with YOU! (F) Positive attitude/vibration, self-discipline/control, mindset, success, growth
How values/virtues interlink (F) Respect, honesty, responsibility, courage, commitment, integrity

(C) What about challenges? (F) Problems/Process & solutions, foundation for growth, influance of vibration

G 5-8 or 9 - Individual Leadership - Growth & Success - Second Session
Introduction & Outline

Optional: (Level 2 and 3 Schools)
STAFF - Follow Up & Review (F) The GOAL - Creating/nurturing a school culture
STAFF SESSION - Levels Of Engagement - More Information

Based on the consistant track record of succussful school visits and the feedback from students, teachers, administrators & parents; " You will not be disappointed ! "

The Canada Goal - Believe in your SELF
Junior - Art Of Focus Session - G 5-9
Near the beginning of the session after establishing our ability to use and engage FOCUS... The goal is now to help the individual own their focus ability by understanding where it comes from and how to control it. When someone says to you: "You should really believe in your-self." It can be helpful to have a clearer internal understanding toward where the FOCUS command comes from. Success starts with believing in your-self.

The Canada Goal - Value Of EFFORT
Junior - Art Of Focus Session - G 5-9
Near the middle of the session after having established the importance of FOCUS and our ability to control it... The objective now is to create a deeper understanding toward our ability to USE IT and turn it into GROWTH. The effort required for growth can be discouraging for many learners so the goal is to bring forward a sense of respect for the 'value of effort'. In this video you have to wait until the end to get to the point... ; )
Jr & Sr - Art Of Focus Session- G 5-12
Near the middle of the session the topic is; The Science of Vibrations. The objective is to review 2 significant studies; One being Dr. Emoto's Rice Experiment and the second more recent and mainstream study, the Ikea Plant Experiment. After observing both studies, we're now reviewing what is taking place at the level of molecules and atoms. The conclusion adds value/encouragement toward the individual desire to remain in a high vibration as we live and grow.
The Canada Goal - Behaviour (VIBE)
Junior - Art Of Focus Session - G 5-9
Near the middle of the session after having reviewed The Science Of Vibrations... We're now working toward internalizing what science appears to be teaching us about how influential our thoughts/words/actions are outside - and - inside of us. When the individual can internalize their behaviour on a vibrational level, it can be helpful toward an increase ability to engage self discipline/control. Furthermore, the brain/human will generally respond best in a caring assertive learning environment.
The Canada Goal - Challenges & Inner Strength
Jr & Sr - Art Of Focus Session (G 5-12)
Near the end of the session when participants are in a comfortable stimulated mindset, we review the topic of challenges. This video establishes that challenges are not meant to keep you down... they are meant to stimulate your ability to use FOCUS to work your way through it. Similar to a challenge achieving a GOAL... You may not have asked for this 'goal' but sometimes they will present themselves. You can use the same FOCUS energy to set the GOAL to get through it... and to problem solve your way through it.