The Canada Goal - Northern Territory School Authorities

Schools in Northern Canada are unique and enjoyable to visit. Based on the feedback from schools in Canada's north, The Canada Goal is an effective experience that will help to motivate individuals within northern school communities of learning. Special respect and consideration is given toward First Nations culture & beliefs. The teachings within The Canada Goal can easily be interlinked with northern communities of learning without interfering or disrespecting historic cultural beliefs/practices. In fact, this initiative is a unique and modern catalyst that can bring forward a refreshed sense of growth potential.
It is understood that many northern school communities of learning are challenged with substantial setbacks that can appear to be roadblocks from time to time... Challenges such as recruiting enough qualified staff, staff turnover, student learning/behaviour challenges, lack of family support and contradictory habits/routines within the community that make it difficult for the individuals within to break through the cloudy clutter that can hinder growth & development. In an effort to assist northern schools, The Canada Goal can assist in the creation of a learning environment where students/staff can remain engaged in a focused/growth state of mind. Some of our greatest focus challenges have presented themselves within northern schools... This has created a strong inner desire to explore nature - vs - nurture within an atmosphere where the challenge appears to be greater than the average setting. There is a very unique and special spice of motivation we feel when anticipating (travelling to) northern school visits because we're aware of the real opportunity for growth. Both for the participants (students/staff) and for The Canada Goal. Everyone involved has the invitation to embrace their inner best/strength with the opportunity to feel the gratitude when looking back at the successes/growth within the individual/community.
For many northern schools a one day school visit will be effective.  However, for just as many, it is recommended that you consider a stronger commitment with a level 2 or level 3 engagement.

A level 2 engagement
will include a meeting with staff and will help to introduce THE GOAL toward creating/nurturing a culture of focus/growth within the school.

A level 3 engagement
will include an extended school visit for one full week with a dense schedule of engagement including a Team Building - Gym Blast - Goals Review Celebration Session to end the week.  The main GOAL within the week is to invite everyone in the school community to accept the FOCUS FEATHER. 

Acceptance of the FOCUS FEATHER is a pledge/promise to:

1.  Acknowledge that focus has helped me to grow and succeed in many ways in my life already.
2.  Accept the challenge to use my ability to focus as it will help me to achieve greater successes.
3.  Agree to set goals for my growth and follow through with action as I work toward successes.
4.  Overcome challenges by creating solutions and remaining focused on my goals/growth.
5.  Encourage my-self & others to care about our individual & community growth and success.
6.  Create and maintain healthy habits & routines that fuel my ability to focus, grow and succeed.
7.  Become a strong example within my-self and within my community by honouring my wellbeing checklist.